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Broken Shoulder – A Song I Made


This song is about how most of us need a shoulder to cry or maybe just to take a breath and feel the things that worry us.
It’s about how sometimes the people lending us support might need some support themselves… they might need our shoulder… our ‘Broken Shoulder’, just as we need theirs.


Many a times, I have spent sleepless nights thinking about stuff that hurt me but I never did anything about it because I always feared the worse.

What if I lose control over my emotions?
What if I cry?
What if people think that I am a lunatic, or a cry-baby?

Living in the norms of the society is so difficult because we have to act ‘decent’. We can’t just scream aloud when we feel pain, we can’t just punch a wall in front of everyone. “That dude is crazy,” they’ll say.
But I’ll tell you what – keeping this crap inside will drive us crazy.
We need an outlet – just one person we can fully trust, who doesn’t ask questions, who just listens, in the arms of whom we can be ourselves and for once not be worried about what people around us think of the way we are react to the darkness within.

But we do have to realise, that person is vulnerable too… S/he’s broken just as much as each one of us. We need to do what s/he does for us.
I have a broken shoulder to lend to someone. So do you.


Sometimes there are these things that just hurt and I don’t know why
Sometimes there are these words that just hurt, you might not know why

Whisper the fathomless
Whisper into nothingness
Or just don’t whisper anything at all…

I would like to lend you my Broken Shoulder
What would I do? I have no clue, Still I would stay…

Sometimes people drink and just stew in their guilt
Sometimes they sustain all the pain and the filth

I whisper the fathomless
I whisper into nothingness
And sometimes I don’t whisper anything at all…

Now would you mind if I worship the shrine – your Broken Shoulder
Calmness and peace, that’s what I seek, Show me the way…

Broken Shoulder
Broken Shoulder…

P.S – I am not a professional musician. This is just one of my ‘outlets’. Please excuse me if things don’t sound perfect.


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