My Paradoxical Viewpoint

Life events are a big fat paradox, like two opposing sides of a balanced equation which ultimately negate each other’s effects on changing sides, making everything we’ve ever known a zero sum game.
The problem is that we can never know what aspect of our life is going to come back and bite us in the ass. I’m not saying ‘what goes around, comes around’, I’m saying what goes around, keeps going around and changing lives, not necessarily yours.
Our actions follow the principle of conservation of energy. It’s effects just keeps changing forms.
So remember, our simple smile can trigger a chain of good events and we might be the reason for a kiss in a lonely person’s life. On the other hand, an unthoughtful insult can result in a chain reaction leading a frustrated man to rape a woman.
Whatever this world is today, good or bad, it is the direct result of our very own actions. So, before we blame someone for anything, we should try to look at how we might have inadvertently contributed in making that terrible thing happen.


10 thoughts on “My Paradoxical Viewpoint

  1. abyssbrain says:

    That’s the reason life is exciting. The unpredictability of our everyday life serve as a very great challenge for me. 🙂


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